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[Opinião] Promises In Death, de J.D. Robb

Promises in Death (In Death #28)Promises in Death by J.D. Robb
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Sinopse (em inglês)

Every cop gets angry when a police officer is killed. And Lieutenant Eve Dallas is no exception. Throwing every resource into solving Amarylis Coltraine's brutal murder, Eve encounters bitter opposition from Coltraine's fellow officers, who are desperate to take over the case. But when Eve receives a strange parcel containing Coltraine's badge and gun together with a note threatening the imminent arrival of her own ID, she knows the case has just got personal. Then a link to millionaire Alex Ricker, son of a criminal she had put behind bars, heats things up even further. Ricker was romantically involved with Amarylis - did she leak information to him and then have a change of heart? Eve must put herself in extreme danger to get to the truth...


Estava à espera de gostar mais do que gostei, mesmo assim... foi bom. :)
Gostei especialmente da despedida de solteira. ;)

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