terça-feira, 9 de setembro de 2014

[Opinião] Undone, de Maya Banks

Undone (Pregnancy & Passion, #4)Undone by Maya Banks
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


Sinopse (em inglês)

When an unplanned evening of passion with Cameron Hollingsworth results in unplanned pregnancy, Pippa Laingley's at a crossroads. She knew going in that the enigmatic entrepreneur had built a fortress around his feelings. What she's just discovered is that he's loved and lost before—his wife and child. Tragically.

Now Cam stands to lose it all again…if he lets Pippa get too close, if he pushes her away with loveless arrangements of financial support. Either way, he's doomed…unless he can let himself love again.


Não gostei muito. "Comeu-se", mas não foi nada de especial.

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